Club/Green Equip.

Blazer Badges

CODE: SKU00086

£6.00 (Including tax)
Fully embroidered badges from our own embroidery business - please check for prices - £5.00 is a guide price for about 30 badges.

Bowls Gatherers Drakespride

CODE: SKU00085

£47.50 (Including tax)
Drakes Pride

This extremely popular gatherer is made from heavy gauge, lightweight tubular steel with a stove enamel finish. It has 3 very wide nylon wheels to ensure no damage to the green. The scoop of the gatherer is covered with polypropelene ribbing to avoid damage to bowls. The new wide scoop is ideal for up to 18 bowls.

Embroidered Pennants

CODE: SKU00150

For clubs for whom we hold their embroidery disc - we can supply small quantities of fully embroidered pennants i.e. for club tours, special President`s days etc. Prices on application

Extra HW Jacks

CODE: SKU00081

£33.00 (Including tax)
Drakes Pride
Alloy jack for short mat bowling
Available in yellow only

Indoor Jacks

CODE: SKU00080

£26.00 (Including tax)
Drakes Pride
Standard composition jack 410gms

Marker Labels

CODE: SKU00077

£30.64 (Including tax)
Single colour - 250 - £30.00; 500 - £44.00;
Twin colour 250 - £33.00, 500 - £52.00

Marker Labels

CODE: SKU00078

£7.50 (Including tax)
Packs of 50 per single colour
Over 30 colours available


CODE: SKU00082

£11.50 (Including tax)
Drakes Pride
one piece, top quality mat
Black with white edging
Regulation metric sizing

Outdoor Jacks

CODE: SKU00079

£13.50 (Including tax)
Drakes Pride
Standard composition jack 270gms


CODE: SKU00146

£95.00 (Including tax)
Drakes Pride
Double sided metal framed scoreboard